My friend Señor Fernandez

He is a spanish guy who

  • lived in Japan for 3 months.
  • does not like Japanese working culture especially seniority by length of service.
  • complained that most of Japanese don't speak English and could not communicate with them, especially girls, they are very shy.
  • at the days off, spend time in Akiba or Shinjuku alone.
  • loves anime, especially Evangelion.
  • hoped to talk about classic Japanese films, for exsample Mizoguchi or Ozu, with japanese cin〓philes. But he could not fine none.
  • loves old rock music, Kraftwrek, Braian Eno, and so on.

Natulally I asked him whether he knew or not our Perfume.

He did not know.

Now I try to recommend Señor Fernandez  Perfume .

We have many favorite songs and video clips, so if we recommend him all staffs it will be endless.

Two songs or clips, please.

I think it is hard for foreigners to fully understand Perfume's performance because Perfume's dance correspond to Japanese lyrics.

I want to ask you recommend songs or video clips for foreigners who don't understand Japanese language.

and please explain
①why do you think it make sense to them ?
②its lyrics shortly.
③which part must be paid attention to.

Spain, centuries before, propagated Christianity.
Don't you want to do it back them now ?

Of course our mission is Perfume.

First, let me do it.

By あんどれい

『Computer city (コンピューター・シティ)』

Perfume's performance is dialogue. Dialogue between performer and audiences of course. And dialogue between creators.
I think in this video clip, beat means boy's heart beat.
Dialogue between shy boy's heart beat and girls.

②A story of rescue boy from a Dystopia.

③From 40 second to 60 second, you can find Japanese classic anime characters images.

『Polyrhythm  (ポリリズム)』

①If you use music visualization application, its draws similar patterns to Perfume's performance.
I think we can admit that perfume's performance bases on rationality.

②This song is written for publicity campaign song for recycling. But it seems to be more profound like Buddhism philosophy.

③At 2 minutes and 10 seconds, poly loop ends.

by おひさま
「Secret Secret ( シークレット・シークレット )」

1 Sounds like Daft Punk. But this song composed traditional Japanese music scale.

2 In this video clip scenes are changing.
Fiction(stuido scene)→Subconsciousness(spiral staircase)→ Reality(roof top scene
At last 5:01 に黒子のPerfumeが現れてドンデン返し。メタ化された階層性のある物語。


* イントロで宗教表現と思わせておいて、そのあと心身二元論の世界を表現。その意味ではエヴァンゲリオン的。
* 脳が動いたから体が動くのか、それとも身体を動かせば脳がついて来るのか。では、脳も身体も完全に動きを止めた人間は、何を拠り所にすれば再び立ち上がれるのか。そこに他者が介在する意味があるという歌。
* 0:15 祈りのポーズから平手を突き出し、何かを受け止める。天からも何かを支えようとする。祈り=弱い人間ではない。
0:36 上半身と下半身のズレで心身二元論を表現。アタマを指先でツンツンして、そんなことでは動かないと示唆。
1:04 ファイティングポーズから天に手を伸ばす「立ち上がるのには、いるのGLITTER」では、そのGLITTERとは何ぞやとなれば、1:26で約束=内緒のポーズ。また腕を天や水平に伸ばすが、拒絶の平手ではない。人差し指を伸ばして彼処にあったよと指し示す。思い出してねと、またアタマをツンツン。

By とらやぎとらやぎ


映像はFan Service 〜bitter〜 Normal Edition

最後は、トライアングルの05. NIGHT FLIGHTで一番テクノ成分の多いアルバムからの一曲。